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 Plus Papua Special Autonomy fails

With great difficulty the government of Indonesia spawned a special policy for Papua, which is now called the Papua Special Autonomy. But the implementation is not as had been expected by the Indonesian government. This we can see from the facts in Papua.
Once the presence of Special Autonomy in Papua even be marginalized among humans Papua Special Autonomy themselves. It was caused because in addition to the policy of Special Autonomy Indonesian government quietly composing one tersembuyi programs. What is the hidden program? government sent thousands of military in Papua with a view to maintaining security. Weve Papuans could not maintain its own security in their own land?.
Facts have shown that, the Papua Special Autonomy is not one way to build Papua but one way for the extermination of ethnic Melanesians in Papua. See, after the presence of special autonomy in Papua, what happened? Only the human rights violations in Papua. Once a violation of human rights, the Indonesian government "police" always saying that the incident was a murder mystery or unable mengungkapkam offender. It has also been shown that the real perpetrator is the government itself. Weird Papuans Papuans killed himself with a gun belonging to Indonesia.
If we count from the Special Autonomy runs until this moment how many Papuans are victims of military violence? Maybe we could count with a calculator because human fingers are not enough to count. It is, however, not engineering agenda that Papua has flawed, Papua human death from year to year due to violence milliter.
Not only recorded in Papua agenda but the agenda is still listed also in the world. The world began to be concerned for the loss of the human occupation of Papua between koloniaslis. Concern is the fact in September 2013 in the UK have started a campaign to support Papuan independence while Australia also supports Papuan independence campaign in front of the store cosmetics. Thus, the Indonesian government does not need to say much on the OPM office was inaugurated by city mayor in England. This is a form of keprihatikan the Melanesians in Papua.
After failing to implement Special Autonomy in Papua, the government is also trying hard to give birth to a new program for the Unit to Accelerate Development in Papua and West Papua in Papua. Nevertheless, even this UP4B has failed to implement. How strange, first run in Nabire UP4B Papua has begun a Papuan human bloodshed in Nabire airport. The bloodbath happened in front of the human head Bambang Darmono UP4B in Nabire Airport. It has showed that UP4B human yearning not to answer but the road to destruction Papua Melanesian race.
Selan, Chairman of Commission II of the House of Representatives, Agun Gunandjar Sudarsa mempertayakan existence Unit to Accelerate Development in Papua and West Papua (UP4B), led by Bambang Darmono, related to the magnitude of their proposed budgets and functions and authority. Agun Gunandjar also been assessed that UP4B funds totaling 102 billion was only used as a project between the government and a particular group of people. So, in this case Agun said pogram UP4B funds so there is no benefit to humans Papua. The state is just a waste of funds without any real development. Agun said Gunandjar Sudarsa, at the Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (11/10/2012) ago
Assessments of the various parties have shown that any program that issued from the central government for Papua will never diimplemenasikan well as all the good the program gives a chance to the military forces that eventually led to the extermination of ethnic Melanesians in Papua earth.
The question is, the Indonesian government has failed to run the Papua Special Autonomy and UP4B means if there is a new program being developed by the government for Papua? if there is a new program meant shape what and when it will be published. If there is a new program and a new program was rejected by the Papuan people means how to deal with Papua?.
For me, that was always rejected by Papuan people born program by the central government means that one solution is to admit the history of the nation of Papua flawed neat, "December 1 is the day of independence of Papua". Why do I say so? Because while the lack of recognition of the central government over the history of the nation of Papua, Papuan people of course will reject all policies that would be born by the government even though the program Sagat unique and neat.
If the State does not recognize the Papuan nation's history means the State with military forces get ready to harvest political sins in the land of Papua because there will be born forms of resistance. The nation's children will seek and find the history of the nation is still silenced by colonization.
Do not make people to a place to get a rank or position, make human jangalah Papua place technical practice of war, and also jangalah make humans like animals buruang Papua easy diburuh by colonization. Therefore, though Papuan human hair is black and curly, human Papua is the same as the other human beings in the world who has the right to live freely on their own land. (Bidaipouga)
Sources:Timipotu News.blogspot.com
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