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Disallow KNPB action, Indonesian Papua Police Violate Constitution

 By: Roy Karoba

Ilustrasi Polisi di Papua (Jubi/Timoteus)
Ilustrasi Polisi di Papua (Jubi/Timoteus)
Indonesian Papua Regional Police (Police) back silencing democracy in Papua, it is seen from the attitude of the Papua Police did not give permission to KNPB activists who will take action with the Papuans peacefully on June 10, 2013. Even worse, Papua Police did not reply to a notice of action presented by KNPB the Papua police, but instead delivered a statement Papua Police ban on actions to be taken by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) together with the Papuan people through the Local Media in Papua.

Papua Police's attitude, not only just this moment, but before it had occurred the same thing, where when KNPB as the national media with the People of Papua Papuan People want to take action on May 13, 2013, KNPB has sent a letter of notification to the Papua Police 3 held the day before the action, but the action prohibits the Papua Police issued a statement to the media ban on local action.

Action ban issued by the KNPB Papua Police and the People of Papua, in fact it is unreasonable and it is clear - a clear violation of the 1945 Constitution is the Constitution of the State of Indonesia. Whereby we know that, in Article 28 UUD 1945 itself regulates the expression for each person individually or in a group aspirations, and not Indonesia embraced democracy, which means that every person has the right to determine their choice - each! If so, why the Papua Police banned Papuan People to express their opinions in public?

Attitude which prohibit KNPB Papua Police and the People of Papua in expression and aspirations in front of the public, it is a clear violation of State Institutions and systems adopted by Indonesia, it is thus, Papua Police have silenced the room Democracy in Papua and has done a gross human rights violations to the People of Papua, and to the Papua Police can be categorized as a provocateur or the Vandals in the Land of Papua.

With the Papua Police attitude that is part of one of the law enforcement institutions in Indonesia, we stated that "Indonesia Improper Known As Democratic State, and the Indonesian Constitution should Removed Only". [RK]

Sources: www.papuapost.com

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