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Plus otsus Not The Solution: Autonomy Has Failed Total

Sejumlah masyarakat Papua di Kabupaten Nabire, Juni 2012,  membakar peti mati bertuliskan almarhum Otsus, sebagai buklti kegagalan UU Otsus Papua (Foto: Ist)
A number of Papuans in Nabire, June 2012, burning coffin bearing deceased Autonomy, as buklti failure of Special Autonomy Law (Photo: Ist)

By: Socratez Sofyan Yoman *Lane X with honest and perfectly summed up the failure of the Indonesian government to formulate and develop Papua for 50 years from May 1 1963 to 2013."Special Autonomy has failed welfare of the people of Papua. Human rights violations and state violence in Papua. State is present in Papua in the form of military forces. Conflicts in Papua today, not the conflict, but the conflict between the government and society vertically. Indonesia failed to clicking the right-Indonesia-Papua ". (Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta, May 15, 2013).Sultan as a nobleman and statesman honestly and sincerely declare that during the 50 years from May 1, 1963 to 2013 the Indonesian government has failed miserably to build and promote indigenous Papuans. Because Papua forcibly incorporated into Indonesia with a historical falsehood Testament New York August 15, 1962; Act of 1969 under international political conspiracy between Indonesia and the United States in the interest of economy, politics and security.Annexed Papua in Indonesia and forced into the military forces muzzle Indonesia's cruel and inhumane. Political rights and the future of the majority of the people of Papua nearly 95% were willing to stand alone as an independent and sovereign nation totally betrayed.1. Reflecting on the past historyThe United States Ambassador to Indonesia, in June 1969 the United Nations Team member Dr. Fernando Ortiz Sanz, secretly admitted that 95% of people support the Papuan independence movement in Papua (Doc. Jack W.Lydman 's Report, July 18, 1969, in AA).While Ortiz Sanz, the UN representative who participate in supervising the implementation of the Act of 1969 report, the explanation for the revolt takyat Indonesian Papua is not trusted. Based on the official report, the main reasons given popular uprising Papua local administration is very embarrassing. Because without a doubt, the people of West Irian definitely willing to uphold the independence (Official Report: Results Act of 1969 in the UN General Assembly, para 164, 260).More explicitly, Ortiz Sanz added, the majority of Papuans demonstrate Indonesia willing to part with and supports the state of mind Papua Merdeka (UN Official Documents: Annex I, A/7723, para, 243, p. 47).Representing the Government of Indonesia, Sudjarwo, recognize, many Papuans may not agree to remain with Indonesia. "(Official Sources: UNGA Official Records MM ex 1, paragraph 126).While the testimony of perpetrators and witnesses of history that is sent by the Government of Indonesia to win the 1969 Act, Piter Sirandan, in early December 2009 after reading my two books: Ethnic Permusnahan Melanesia (2007) and Voice For the Voiceless (2009) claimed the real historical truth against truth . "Mr. Yoman, I arrived in Jayapura, December 1, 1964. We Indonesian people really fooled Papuan people who want to speak the truth at that time. We actually scamming people of Papua. We actually oppress the Papuans. We actually harm the future of the Papuans. We really do not appreciate the conscience of the Papuan people to actually want independence. We know that at the time of the Act of 1969, the Papuan people really want independence. I know that 100% of the Papuans want independence. Their hopes and dreams, we actually destroyed. At that time, I got a prize money of USD 7,000,000 from the Government of Indonesia as I considered successfully deceive people and won Papua Act of 1969. Because of that, now I am very supportive of the Papuan struggle for independence. "2. Reflecting the reality of today'sDeparting UN official reports of citations and recognition of historical actors above, there are a few questions I need to ask here. First, whether from 1963-2013 in the next 50 years of Indonesian rule in Papua occupation has reduced the number of Papuans want independence wishes of 95% or the majority of the amount to the level of 10% or 95% instead they have risen sharply to 120% free will and stand-alone? Secondly, is it true that only a handful of people who support the indigenous Papuan independence and majority support and strengthen the government's occupation of Indonesia in Papua?We answer this question with facts, evidence and reality in the middle of the Papuan people.First, on February 26, 1999 at the Palace of the Republic of Indonesia in the presence of President Prof. Dr.. B.J. Habibie and the cabinet, Team of 100 as ambassadors for the nation of Papua with an elegant, polite, courteous, and dignified read an official statement that the Papuan people and the nation coming out of the State of Indonesia and have admittedly dated December 1, 1961 as the West Papuan Independence Day.Second, the Papua Peace Conference in 5 to 7 July 2011 at the Auditorium Uncen Jayapura organized by the Papua Peace Network (JDP). The speakers are Menkopolhukam, governor, police chief, Commander XVII Cenderawasih, Bishop of Jayapura Mgr Dr. Leo Laba Ladjar, OFM., Dr. Tonny Wanggai, Dr. Pdt. Benny Giay and myself (Socratez Sofyan Yoman). At the time of turn XVII military command representative to convey the material, the speaker was given an opportunity and took place on the podium by a moderator. Before the speaker delivering the material, there is a demand like this. "Gentlemen, if I call the word" Papua ", the brothers participants replied with the word" Peace ". At the time of the speaker of the regional military command said the word "Papua", the participants answered in unison "Merdeka". The second time he went on: "Papua" then disahut to answer in unison: "Freedom". In the third term of the speaker he shouted "Papua", simultaneously also be answered with "Freedom".Third, on 17-19 October 2011, the Papuan people gathered at the Padang Bulan Football Zacchaeus, Abepura and declared free and independent as a sovereign nation in the land of their ancestors.Fourth, on January 10, 2012, I was with Pastor Luther Marthen Wanma meeting with people (people) Papua in Manokwari Effata GKI Church to explain the results of our meeting with the President of the Republic of Indonesia Mr. Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's private residence in Puri Cikeas, Gunung Putri, Bogor, on December 16, 2011. Before we give an explanation, I ask one question to the people as a shepherd or the sheep people in attendance. My question is as follows. "Ladies and gentlemen, anyone who want independence in the ancestral lands of the Melanesian people?" All the people who were present stood up and raised their hands in unison and chanted: "Freedom ....! Freedom .....! Freedom .... ". Which does not stand only three civil servants (PNS). One is the Manokwari District Secretary.Keelima, on January 20, 2012 meeting with the people in Sorong with the same purpose. Delegates present at the meeting representing Danrem Kapolreta Sorong and Sorong to attend the meeting. Two representatives of this institution is not necessarily directly represent the government. At that time I asked the same question. "Ladies and gentlemen, anyone who want independence in the ancestral lands of the Melanesian people?" The whole audience that filled the room stood up and raised their hands and shouted, "Freedom ....! Freedom ......! Freedom .....! "Its not just stand and envoys representing Danrem Sorong police chief.This is not a handful of people. It's a matter of political rights and on behalf of the future of the nation of Papua. The power of the people as we can not contain. Whatever the number, we have to provide space for the people of Papua. Because of their long suffering. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a fact. This evidence. This reality. It's in front of our eyes. This is spoken of in the era of the failed special autonomy. This is discussed in official places. It is delivered with an honest and courteous to officials. Not speak in secret. Not discussed in the forests. This proof of honesty. This evidence of openness as a dignified nation. Indonesian officials, government, and security forces are expected to open conscience.Actually, the 2001 Special Autonomy is a golden opportunity and a last chance for Indonesia to rebuild confidence (trust) and restore harmonious relations with the people of Papua. But unfortunately, the special autonomy has failed. Indonesian government always wear goggles old suspicions and fears are exaggerated to the indigenous people to maintain separastime during this stigma. The results are independent Papua baby continues to grow and thrive in the hearts of the people of Papua. During the period from May 1, 1963 to 2013, nearly 50 years, the Indonesian government has failed to minimize (reduce) or at least eliminate Papuan demands for independence which reached 95% in 1969.50 years is a long time. But unfortunately, the Indonesian government has failed and only managed to show the face and character of violence and crimes against humanity are bleak indigenous Papuans. The Indonesian government has failed to safeguard human dignity and the sovereignty of Papua, so do not lower the demands of the majority of the people of Papua to a minority or a handful of people. The Indonesian government only successfully integrate economics with political power and security in Indonesia. But humans Papua removed from their ancestral lands and slaughtered like animals by OPM members and actors stigma of treason.On December 16, 2011 in Cikeas in the presence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Hj. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono with Vice President, Mengkopolhukam, Chief of Police, Armed Forces Commander, the Minister of Interior, Minister of Public pekejaan, Pdt. Dr.. Benny Giay, Rev. Mother. Jemima J. Krey, Rev.. Marthen Luther Wanma, and I (Socratez Sofyan Yoman) stated that: "The people of Papua off 120% want independence from Indonesia. So, 100% Indigenous Papuans and 20% are those immigrants who were born and raised in Papua. Because of the demands for Papuan independence has been crystallized so peaceful dialogue, honest and equal between Papuans and Indonesian unconditionally and immediately implemented mediated third party. "3. The proposed solutionLaw No. 21 Year 2001 on special autonomy has failed. UP4B and Autonomy Plus is not a solution and does not solve the problem in Papua. Therefore, the best solution is prospected peaceful and humane, the Indonesian government proposed for consideration.First, the Government of Indonesia with a great soul must admit kekagagalan and mistakes against indigenous Papuans since May 1, 1963 until today and had to end the occupation and colonization in the Land of Papua.Secondly, the Government of Indonesia and Papuan people should make cooperation agreements in the fields of economics, security, politics and the fate of the Malays, Indonesia, which has long been in Papua and the migrants.Third, peaceful dialogue, honest and equal between the Indonesian government and Papuan representatives 5 people were selected and formally established through the Papuan Peace Conference 5 to 7 July 2011, namely: (Rex Rumakiek, John Ondowame, Benny Wenda, Leoni Tanggahma, Otto Mote) . The conference was officially opened by the Indonesian government, represented Menkopolhukam. There is no reason for the government of Indonesia says Papua many factions, not united and there is no representation. Papuan People intelligently choosing and define their 5 representatives to dialogue with the Government of Indonesia.

Author: Board Chairman waiter Center Fellowship Baptist Churches of Papua.

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