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A. KAREL Gobay AND PEPERADutch government to witness the independence of the Nation State of West Papua on December 1, 1961, then worked as a KAREL Gobay SEHRIJVER in government offices HPB onderafdeling lakes located in the capital wisel right Enarotrali dibibir Meren Wisel Lake (Lake Paniai).1963 State of West Papua back into the bosom of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia), during the reign of the transition KAREL Gobay appointed as Head of the Local Government (PPP) also serves as a member of the DPRD-GR / RAAD GUNEA Niew members in Hollandia (Jayapura) representative of MEEPAGO Indigenous territory.KAREL 1965 Gobay one son Natives inland Papua capable and qualified to be appointed as the Deputy Resident of the Western Mountains Djayawidjaya capital domiciled in Enarotali. While 1969 KAREL task Gobay implement governance, development, and coaching special community Regent and Vice Regent of indigenous Papuans son of 9 (nine) districts, namely District Jayapura, Biak, Jayawijaya, Yapen Waropen, Manokwari, Sorong, Fakfak, Merauke and Paniai in call to Hollandia (Jayapura) to conduct meetings that are special and secretive by pilitik leaders and origin of the Dutch East Indies government in the meeting they presented the development of the political situation in West Papua at the time that:One was about the Papuan self-determination through PEPERA (one person, one vote) after 5 (five) year issuance of the New York Agreement dated August 15, 1963 by the Government of the Netherlands, Indonesia and the UN (the United States). Apparently after five years later in 1968 the agenda was not implemented. But when it is a program that runs Tritura (Three People's Demands) where President Sukarno To the colonel gave a mandate to carry out the mandate of the Soeharto whose contents include:
1. State Dismiss Dutch Dolls Made in West Papua;
2. Lower prices;
3. General mobilization.For five years the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to implement measures which is not commendable in all corners of the country in which West Papua was happening Murder, rape, intimidation, persecution, etc. conducted by the Indonesian National Army (TNI) essentially all of this is to maintain a goal of Papua west into the Republic of Indonesia.
Once they follow the developments and the current political conditions menyeruhkan to the Regent and Vice Regent of Indigenous Papuan origin all of this happened simply because there is a charge long-term economic interests between Indonesia and the United States over this land. After that they said the brothers are native son as Regent and Vice Regent had to look that far ahead about the fate of this State and Nation Malanesia brothers soon returned to their respective districts and immediately take action to fight the war of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, because PEPERA have failed to be implemented in 1968 and through the action of the war throughout the corners of Papua behind it there is a way out for the people of West Papua are re Sovereign received recognition of West Papua are echoed on December 1, 1961.B. 1969 WAR IN EnarotaliAs a follow-up KAREL Gobay a remote Papuan political figure at the time of origin of one side as the vice-regent of state officials (Homeland), and from the other side KAREL Gobay also dubbed as the Chief of the interior of Papua He was very difficult and tough decision between these two options if KAREL Gobay secure central government policy to support the program or action Tritura war against the Republic of Indonesia in order to restore the sovereignty of an independent nation of Papua on December 1, 1961, from its very heart KAREL Gobay decided to oppose the ideology of Pancasila. It was also supported by the failure of the implementation of Act of 1968 and is also an act to thwart the implementation of the Act of 1969 if it is done as a political figure Gobay KAREL He predicts that the full implementation of the Act of definitive engineering and sheer manipulation after followingdevelopment of the current political situation and the intentions and objectives of the two countries, namely the Republic of Indonesia and the United States where they would seize all the wealth and trample on the sovereignty of the nation of Papua Date December 1, 1961.On the date 25 April 1969 in the village Aikai KAREL Gobay Enarotali see a victory in a custom event using the arrows archery equipment traditional war dead cow and directly place the animal, there KAREL Gobay draw a conclusion that surely he would win in a fight against Army Indonesian national.Exact date May 1, 1969 KAREL Gobay warlords immediately left Position as Vice Regent Paniai District and took over command of the war by dividing the war map with the following personnel:
1. Mapia region led by Mote Mapia point / location of the battle in Degei DIMI;
2. You territories under the leadership Adii line with point / location of the battle in ODE DIMI;
3. Head Tigi area under Mote Monday with a point / location of the battle and OKOMO DIMI SAID YES;
4. West Paniai region under the leadership of Cyrus Pigai with point / location of the battle in OGIYAI DIMI;
5. Paniai region under the leadership of KAREL Gobay point / location of the Battle of Enarotali, Dagouto and Bunauwo;
Dated May 2, 1969 to announce to all the people who live in the district of Paniai soon find a place because I KAREL Gobay take the fight to the military of the Republic of Indonesia, as well as the war leader commands KAREL Gobay members have been boycotting all public facilities such as office buildings and Enarotali airfield when it pecalah war between the army and the people of the nation of Papua berdomisi in Paniai region for 3 (tiaga) months ie May to July 1969 with details of the battle casualties in each region as follows:
1. Mapia region as much victims of the Soul;
2. You sacrifice the soul as much territory;
3. Tigi region as much victims of the soul;
4. West Paniai region as much victims of the soul;
5. Enagotadi region, Dagouto, and Pasir Putih as much soul sacrifice
6. Total casualties as much soul
War of 1969 in Enarotali lasted for 3 (three) months ie from May 2 until July 1969 and in battle in some areas / point runs very fierce battle here and there are a good many casualties fell by the military of Homeland and the Papuans in Paniai people including their possessions but KAREL Gobay still burning as the war leader of his fighting spirit. In such circumstances right in July 1969 KAREL Gobay got a letter sent by the religious leaders at the time of Hollandia (Jayapura) is the chairman of CMA pdt. Katto nation States America after reading the letter requesting to meet with him KAREL Gobay ki Kebo II. the date and the day promised the religious leaders departed from Sentani airport using a cessna plane belonging MAF and landed at the airport Kebo II and KAREL Gobayand pdt Katto a brief meeting and not meeting other religious leaders are forced KAREL Gobay â € œ Immediately stop the war and surrendered to the government â € œ with some consideration given by religious leaders such as:
1. Demands recognition of West Papua National Sovereignty is a problem throughout West Papuans in Paniai why people under the leadership of Gobay KAREL who fought through the war to the Republic of Indonesia;
KAREL Gobay the time to answer our Nation throughout Papua simultaneously actually take the fight to the Homeland but our brothers in 8 (eight) other districts while we know they exist in the acts of violence committed by the TNI Homeland so they could not do anything .
2. Many people are not innocent victims of the war in which you commanded Gobay KAREL, then the responsibility KAREL Gobay ready their souls before God Almighty Hereafter later;
KAREL Gobay never answered my God will not be prosecuted, because of my actions defending the truth.
3. As a sign of the religious leaders' decisions CMA chairman then put a piece of Scripture and the Morning Star flag on the table at the same time meeting asking the question whether KAREL Gobay would hold the Bible or the Morning Star flag.
KAREL Gobay taking both the object and the right hand holding the Bible and the Papuan flag firmly in the left hand and KAREL Gobay answer I hold both â € "second to none. Then again appealed to religious leaders KAREL Gobay now you hold the Bible while the Papuan flag hoist while I am in this place and in the future our children and grandchildren will be followed by brothers KAREL Gobay. Back KAREL Gobay menyeruhkan that I received this request on my own initiative, rather than as a mutual agreement between me and the people that I lead Paniai, because this fight is still long as said by Mr. Pastor. Katto.
The day also brought KAREL Gobay Religious Leaders with pepimpin hat wearing traditional war, and accompanied by two others, namely SWEET KUYAI BEDO YOGI and equitable set of Kebo II using cessna aircraft owned by MAF purpose Hollandia (Jayapura) presented to the Government to account Indonesia through the Commander of the Moluccas and West Irian. upon arrival at Sentani airport KAREL Gobay through strict guard picked by the military, in impeccable â € "pick-up blamed KAREL Gobay met with one of the political figures the Dutch government at that time he said, â € œ Mr. Gobay you've won â € œ just not supported by the brethren of 8 (eight) other districts now KAREL Gobay inevitably like it or not this statement must disclose that You Eat I Have TAI â € œmulai from Sentani up at the State Palace V Dock along the way, and itwas done by KAREL Gobay he uttered a phrase that implies great.
After arriving in the presence of the Commander of the Regional Government of the Moluccas and West Irian KAREL Gobay accountable and doing what I thought Homeland State officials against Pancasila Ideolgi nothing but I maintain Ideology West Papuans. Indonesian Government's decision when it KAREL Gobay back to work as a Deputy Regent Paniai as usual.
D. Act of 1969 IMPLEMENTATION IN Paniai
Implementation of the mandate should PEPERA New York Agreement Date December 15, 1963 made in 1968 in the month of August are also apparently occurs because the time penundahan pelosak throughout West Papua when it happens, several efforts made by the military of murder, rape, assault, intimidation, and others is a follow up of the contents of the message Tritura three People's Demands everything was done just to maintain the sovereignty of the Nation and seize Papua into the Republic of Indonesia. By KAREL Gobay it is very visible in the implementation of Act of 1969 in the district of Paniai as I predicted one person one vote never happened, but that is only selected representative system 150 (one hundred fifty) people how to recruit participants also blindly and Democracy not visible when they assert their rights even happened dikarangtina, dictated, persuadedwith the property, not to open the space to determine their wants and wishes What is said at the forum that â € œ We want Indonesia Meredeka Aperaâ € is near me as Vice Regent KAREL Gobay see with my own eyes I also regret the time that representatives of the United Nations why it comes as a referee has seen the error but did not dare to declare it wrong. It can be concluded that the implementation of the Act of 1969 in the district of Paniai assessed the legal record.
E. POST EVENT Act of 1969
After the Act of 1969 implemented in Paniai regency in national life occurred as a result of a variety of political dynamics of the region who had opposed the ideology of Pancasila that are negative as follows:
After the War of 1969 and the Act implemented in the social and cultural life of Paniai occur various problems such as:
a. Health problems such as the spread of seizures due to both humans and Tapeworm Livestock Pigs;
b. Launched a Military Operation Area (DOM) reign of terror and intimidation tired to remote areas;
c. Massive human rights violations carried out killings, rape;
d. Paniai people labeled human savages, cannibals, thieves, fools, naked, and others;
e. Hard to get a chance to learn;
f. It's hard to get a decent job;g. Above all, the people of Papua are special victims Paniai about 231 people who were the Indonesian armyh. And others.2. CAREER KAREL GobayKAREL career Gobay who previously served as Deputy Regent Paniai after post PEPERA implemented as follows:a. KAREL 1969 Gobay elected and appointed Regent of Paniai during the period 1969 -1974 (as a post of Indonesian political sugars) in carrying out the task of governance, development, and social development in the apparatus dubbed as native son who was admired for his tenure bembuka Isolation and managing the Capital The new Paniai district after being transferred from Enarotali to Nabire Having a number of services to the State KAREL Gobay unitary Republic of Indonesia.b. KAREL 1972 Gobay took his wife to Jakarta to conduct health checks for sick leave was Regent Gobay the permission of the Governor of West Irian Drs. AGUB Zainal.While KAREL Gobay are in the state capital (Jakarta) KAREL Gobay diberhetikan of Title Regents through an anonymous letter issued by the President of the Republic of Indonesia General Suharto.c. KAREL kuhum Gobay while seeking dismissal of the Title basis with no respect KAREL Gobay dragged to Biak Naval Base prison in Samofa for 22 months.d. Once released from prison and returned to Nabire for Nabire fonis in State court as the jurisdiction of the defendant is not done even further silenced all the rights as a civil servant was dismissed in total.e. Year 1992/1993 KAREL Gobay back the old days of applying for the Civil Rights of the Retired Officers As a former State to the Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia (Drum Post 2000) when the President and Vice President of TRI SOEHARTO SUTRISNO requirement to file returns note number one and two man two in the Republic that:KAREL Gobay PAPUA MERDEKA PATRIOT LEADERS EVER opposes PANCASILA IDEOLOGY AND UNDAND 1945 THE BASIS OF THE AGENDA OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA KAREL Gobay NAME OF THE BLACK LIST SO THE REQUEST OF THE RIGHTS OF PENSIONS AS OFFICIALS DENIED f. Dated August 1, 1995 KAREL Gobay last breath there is any indication of human rights violations.g. KAREL Gobay ONE OF INLAND LEADERS ARE STRIVING PAPUA people to GET OUT OF SLAVERY by sacrificing POWER OWNED BY ALL BUT REMPUH illusive.
3. OPM and its leader in Paniai
In order to maintain the ideology of West Papuans in Paniai OPM was founded on. Since OPM in Paniai was formed there were several prominent Free Papua Movement (OPM) to continue the struggle to fight back the sovereignty of the Papuans Date December 1, 1961 after KAREL Gobay are:
1. DIVISION LEADERS OPM Paniai 2 Makodam 4 KAB Y JACKSON MABIPA Gobay Start Pimpin 2009
2. Lt. Col. Gobay MARKUS (KABOUDA YAGA Gobay) Leader OPM Year 1975-1979
3. GENERAL TADIUS KIMEMA YOPARI YOGI4. Yance JACKSON MABIPA Gobay Leader OPM Division 2 Makodam 4 Paniai district next year ...................................................... 2009
We Must End
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