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Indonesia Country Evil

                                              Shoot Papuan Indonesian army, without evidence

You're Not a Stone Gate Indonesia Forever In Indonesian Papua So You Exit From securiti murder against Papuans.

You're Not the Landlord Indonesian Papua, Papua Landlord Nation is Melanesian Papuans curly hair-crusted Black.

You're Not a Government Servant Indonesian Papua, Beggars Inndonesia You Is Wealth And Killer Papuans Poor Nations Is So You Do not Have Assets, Wealth Envy Love Belongs to the Papuans and Papuans Blood.

Indonesia Is You But You're Not Human Indonesia is Satan, Dogs, Cats Who Have No Religion Stupid, Law and Culture So You Indonesia Papua Without Sacrificing Thousands Evidence And You Have Drain Fill Out Entire Earth Papua.

Descendants of Satan Evil Intentions Keep Doing That The Devil's Descendants Who ....???? Answer,,, Indonesia Pigs, Dogs, Cats, Stupid, Crazy Tooo.

Satan Indonesia and United Nations Human Melanesian Papuans,, It is Not Suitable Living Better Mixed Thus Satan Raise Hand Foot Folding Mats From Papua

Papua Merdeka ............ ........
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