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Apparatus Police Brutality, growing in Papua.

Holandia News: Yahukimo, In this brutality police forces increased in Yahukimo, after the 15th policy of shooting a student experience of the wound, not long after this time happen again beating of an activist KNPB.Sacrifice suffered the wound, as a result of beatings from a number of forces among District Policing Yahukimo. Members from among District Yahukimo patrol at night 25 May 2013, the victim found on the street Yahukimo Heluk around the old market town. At night, the victim to return home from a friend's house exactly at, 13:40 wp.But the policy came next patrol truck stop victim, then the member is to be downloaded from the District police patrol car and said "why do you street nights", answer sacrifice "my friends from home want to go home" but the policy without consideration of the direct hit sacrifice up to half of the body battered victims.Idenditas Sacrifice:Name: Nepsa SobolimGender: MaleAge: 21Occupation: Aktivist KNPB YahukimoPolicies at grain use rubber boots and kicks off the barrel and the face of tanggan ditinju policy tens District police assigned to patrol that night. Policies hit sacrifice black-and-blue, covered in blood so they bring sacrifice to District police.After take its toll on Yahukimo District police, members see the wound victims, so between the Yahukimo District General Hospital, to treat the wounds on the victims body. Then the policy plan when the victim is treated by a nurse, then will be brought back to the District police.Therefore, if the victim is terauma will return to the District police, then on the sidelines kecolongan four guards from among District members who are assigned the task to keep victims in the hospital, the victim get away from the hands of four guards and nurses.Until now koban suffered the wound, and had run away from the hospital. Sacrifice after passes from their hand, reported. Nepsa give evidence of what caused the sacrifice, and all who committed to policy.National mission to kill people and activists who fought for the independence of Papua threatened with such inhuman action this time suffered Nepsa. In addition to a student shooting on May 15 in Yahukimo, even murder continues reign everywhere in Papua. Especially going on in Puncakjaya, and other District of Papua.
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