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Let's take a look back at the Indonesian law. Indonesian law is like referees who have been supported by other teams in the fight game. Teams that do not have the funds would have lost because the referee was sweetened with chock-ante hijauh field behind the screen.
It was the same with the ongoing legal in the State of Indonesia today. The law only applies to the lower economic classes. In addition, Indonesia's law only applies to racial discrimination that exist in the Indonesian state itself.
Facts have proved that, people who just come Papua actions convey the demands of truth, justice, honesty, and freedom have been shot dead without governing law. Papuans who were in and out in the woods in order to fight for justice and righteousness in the land of Papua are still diburuh, arrested, raped, dipenjarahkan, and was killed by the Indonesian government and military forces.
While giving the verdict against the perpetrators of corruption is still considered inadequate and can not provide a deterrent effect. This is because the verdict handed down on criminals is not comparable with the impact of crime inflicted. State has not been able to membedahkan which is good and which are detrimental to the State and society.
Fighting for truth and freedom that so no harm, but that harm State corruption Country is really still diperiara by the State itself.
Looking at it, the former Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK) Mahfud MD feel hot. He instead questioned why criminals are not sentenced to die. "Corruption also be put to death," Mahfud said during a visit to the editorial office merdeka.com, Monday (3/6).
Mahfud said, there are four allowable crime sentenced to death. "The fourth crime was premeditated murder, drugs, terrorism, and corruption," he explained.
However, Mahfud added, although the death penalty was legitimate, yet none were executed corruptors. Though corruption cases Qur'an, Wisma Atlet, Hambalang, and other assessed Mahfud been very detrimental to the country. "Sentenced to life just is not there," he said
It is also a student of Papua, Donatus B. Mote assessed that; These are the kinds of Indonesian law unjust, dishonest and Indonesian law it is only willing to maintain the dignity of the leaders of the State being the dignity of Papuans always trampled by the unjust law.
Further Mote, strange. Papuan Morning Star flag-waving as a symbol of Papuan people are still being pursued, arrested, dipenjarahkan, and killed. Meanwhile, the State still foster the people playing the State of the currency itself by way of corruption.
Let us applaud, because our country "Indonesia" always crop of political sins in the land of Papua. Country houses may already filled with political sins.Consequently, if the home country is full of sins Politics means the State must build a new house to accommodate new sins. Funny but true!. [Bidaipouga]

sources; http://timipotu.blogspot.com
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